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List of Grants and Projects:   

While being on Pitcairn council for thirty-two years and serving as president for the majority of those, my esteemed colleagues and I were able to secure many grants and projects.  The grant money we secured went to the following…

A military grant for the Korean War Memorial

Numerous Parks and Recreation areas…

a.   Broadway Tot Lot Reconstruction

b.   New fencing for the little league field

c.   Hauling of clay to cover glass and stone in Summers Field

d.   Topsoil for improvements at Summers Field

e.    Laser and crown on Cliff Adams Baseball Field

f.     Overhead lights and speakers for Cliff Adams Field

g.    Additional fencing on little league fields

h.   Goal post for Cliff Adams Field

i.     Bleachers for the fields

j.     Sewage and new bathroom facilities for Markosek Complex

k.    Electronic scoreboard Cliff Adams Field

l.     Improvements to T-ball field and Friendship Park

m.  Summers Field wall

n.   Tables for the Park Building

o.   Small and large pavilions at Sugar Camp

p.   Pitcairn Baseball and Pitcairn Junior Mohawks

Areas of safety…

a.   Police cameras

b.   Police vehicles

c.   Gear for Fire Company’s #1 and #2

d.   Renovations to the police station

e.   Traffic lights Broadway and Center Avenue

f.    Traffic lights Broadway and Wall Avenue

g.   School Zone warning light on Agatha Street

h.   Overhead safety lights on Broadway

Buildings and property…

a.   Demolition of other half of borough building

b.   Construction of borough garage, now all crews are under one roof

c.   Sidewalks at the Park Building and on Center Avenue

d.   Handicap ramps

e.   Merchant Alley

f.    Second Street Alley bridge

g.   New roof Fire Company #1 and roof repairs for Company #2

h.   Steps Highland Avenue

i.     Police station windows

j.     Improvements and revitalization Broadway

k.    Park Building roof

l.     Paved the business parking lot

m.  Walls 5th Street and Center Avenue

Community Organizations…

a.   Several times for the Food Bank

b.   Several times for Meals on Wheels

c.   Several times for Camp G and Camp B

d.   Centennial Museum

e.   Fire Companies #1 and #2

f.    Pitcairn Ambulance

g.   Police posse box

h.   Leg set restraints

i.    Color t.v. and vcr for training

j.    Crime scene materials, evidence storage

k.   Borough share of unsafe structures

l.     McGinnis Avenue demolition


a.   Shoot and chip alleys

b.   Paving

c.   Borough vehicle trucks and police cars

d.   Borough equipment

e.   Business signs on decorative light poles

f.    Our very first Community Days

g.   Grant to purchase North Pitcairn garage

h.   Demolition of North Pitcairn garage because this was blocking stream

i.     $500,000.00 assistance for 1997 flood

j.     Computer and register for the office in the borough building

The numerous projects that my esteemed colleagues and I have been involved with mainly under my leadership are…

1.   Salt bin blocks

2.   Initiated flood control program

3.   Rebuilt substation

4.   Added additional substation

5.   K Street wall

6.   Numerous walls along creek

7.   Creek wall in alley, 700 block Wall Avenue

8.   Creek wall at Markosek Complex

9.   Hiring of outside auditor

10. 6th Street drain pipe to Center Avenue

11. Blighted Property Project, encourage and assisted citizens to participate

In 2011 we applied for and received a PIP Loan from the state at a rate of 2.25%.  With this money we paved almost all the streets and in addition some older streets that needed attention were repaved.  Also, with a special program that we saved money in monthly, we were able to resurface almost every alley.

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